New Water Purification System for Montreal Residents

How would you like to drink clean, filtered water from now on?

Beaver Plumbing and Heating have unleashed their latest service offering – water filters for Montreal residences, since many homes and areas across the island of Montreal do not have proper piping. In fact, many of the pipes currently in-use, are over 80 years old and require heavy duty maintenance. Unfortunately for Montrealers, what that means is plenty of extra excrement in their water. The only way out is to install a state-of-the-art water filter in your house.

A water purifier not only will add to the overall quality of the water you ingest, but it will also impact your overall health, long-term. Whether you want to install a water purification system for your family, friends, guests or employees – perhaps you run a work-from-home business or would like to install such a filter at the office, enjoy the benefits of drinking clean water.
Beaver Plumbing & Heating will assist you in learning how to operate your water filtration system, and will provide you with water filters, as needed. Note that if you are interested in installing this new appliance, you will be required to change the filter every so often, on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on your usage.

In other news, Beaver Plumbing recently expanded its service offering to the entire island on Montreal and surrounding areas.

Key regions where Beaver’s plumbing and heating services will be offered include Laval, Westmount, Outremont, TMR, Cote-St-Luc, Cote-des-neiges, the West-island, Ville-St-Laurent, Brossard, Montreal-West, Montreal East, Montreal North and the South Shore, including Longueuil. In addition to these regions, and of course, taking in to account the downtown area, Beaver’s plumbing services will be available in all regions adjacent to Montreal. However, for emergency plumbing services especially those that may occur during the late night hours of the night that require 24 hour plumbing services, your best bet is to stay around Montreal and Chertsey, as these areas are the home of Beaver Plumbing and Heating. Regardless of your location, Beaver Plumbing & Heating is committed to serving, and maintaining your home or work space.

Enjoy the benefits and convenience of having your very own water purification system, and get in touch with Beaver Plumbing & Heating – Because we give a dam.

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