Montreal plumbing news: The electric heating mat

Although the stone and wood materials are attractive and widely used for flooring, they can get very cold, especially in winter. Our beautiful city is internationally known for its harsh winter, it is recommended that add an extra layer on the floor such as a rug or a carpet if you do not want to be shivering and have chattering teeth when purring the foot on the floor in the morning at this time of the year.

But here is good news for all the skittish: a new kind of floored heating has just made its appearance on the Montreal’s market:  The Electric Heating Mat. This new equipment allows making soft and comfortable warmth in almost all types of housing, preserving you and your home from extreme temperatures.

The creation of electric heating mats has revolutionized the heating industry in Montreal! Electric heating mats are keeping the floor warm even by cold winter, they can be installed on any type of ground: parquet flooring (natural or laminate), tiles (Marble, granite, slate, etc.) and even carpet.

This facility will enable you to face the winter without shivering at home but it will also allow you to make really big savings on your electricity bill. This new generation of floor heating is very cost-effective in terms of energy use and eliminates the need for more intensive use of other older facilities, that consume a lot of electricity or that are most polluting for the environment, such as baseboard heaters or chimney fires.

Think about your comfort, your savings and our environment. Opt for this new generation of floor heating to spend a warm winter without heat your credit card.

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