Plumbing in Montreal’s West Island

Plumbers in the West Island should be aware that there are certain plumbing issues, which reoccur more often than others in certain areas. It is important to remember that like in any city or area, which lies directly on the water, there are high possibilities of flooding during the springtime. There are homeowners who have taken preventative steps against temperate floods. That said, for those who haven’t, a plumber could offer a few solutions that will prevent water damage from flooding and that are relatively inexpensive.

An experienced plumber will be able to spot houses that are often or are more likely to be flooded than others. Mold is a great indicator of humidity, and flood can create a lot of it. Another common flooding sign is cracked or warped walls. It is important to examine the exterior too, to verify and ensure that the earth around the foundation slopes away from the home. Cracks and dampness on the foundation can also be an indication of houses, which are more likely to flood.

Flash flooding

In the past few years, flash floods have become more and more common. They happen quickly and have been known to block off traffic in certain areas. That said overflowing main sewers are often not the culprits of house flooding. Rather, poor drainage, poor piping, leaking water heaters, blocked downspouts and cracked foundations are often the cause of houses to flood and especially in the springtime.

A plumber can offer to install a guard around or on the water heater to ensure that there is no water damage if it leaks. It is also important to remind the homeowner that they should empty their water heater every few years to dispose of the residues. Water heaters, which can leak, often cause interior floods and if they are left unattended to, a basement can easily be covered in water in a few days. Heavy-duty washing machine hoses will also ensure that there will be no flooding coming from the interior of the house.

As for the flooding issues related to the exterior, there are house and foundation guards, which can be installed. These protect the foundation and basement of a home from flooding. These last three ideas are options, which will improve the house’s impermeability and value, and are relatively cheap and have a great appeal to the homeowner. It is good for the plumber to remind a homeowner that the most common claim to insurance companies is related to water damage.

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