Plumbing in the East-end of Montreal

Montreal has greatly evolved over the past centuries from a city of under 100 inhabitants to one, which has a few million. Since the city was started, many areas have been developed to allow for more homes and businesses. In the past 20 years, areas of the North and South shore have evolved from rural farming communities and houses to whole new towns.


Certain areas of Montreal are older than others. Therefore, certain areas of Montreal are more likely to face common and specific plumbing issues than others. Older pipes are more likely to develop leaks. As many can confirm, a single pinhole leak from a pipe can create thousands of dollars of house damage. Another thing many plumbers can attest to is that the older the home, the greater the possibility of having plumbing issues. It is for that reason that new plumbers should be aware that certain areas such as the East end of Montreal will have more plumbing issues due to the old pipes and plumbing materials used.


Pipe webs


Montreal’s East end is a perfect example of how older houses can create large headaches. A plumber is always to remember that when working in areas, which are older, one is to expect older plumbing and harder issues to fix. Older copper pipes can be a real pain to deal with especially in the older parts of Montreal. These areas, which have a lot of aging buildings, are known for their webs of piping. The pipes seem never ending and are not necessarily all attached. Finding which pipe is causing an issue can be difficult and tedious and costly. Therefore, many plumbers will replace a pipe, with a new one, but will leave the old one there. Over the years, this creates webs of copper pipes, which line the walls or ceilings.


Another issue plumbers will most likely be faced with in these areas is that the customers are reluctant to pay for new piping. They do not always see the pipes as they are and will often put off replacing pipes until there is a major plumbing problem. It’s for those reasons that when going to a job in this type of area, which has a lot of older houses, one must be prepared for the worse. Picture the worse possible pipe layering imaginable and the biggest plumbing job you have ever encountered. After that, your day’s work should be better than anticipated.

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