Plumbing and Heating Tips

Your central heating system is about to be over-worked over the next few months, so now is the perfect time to review some valuable plumbing tips and tricks.

To repair small plumbing is accessible to everyone once that we know a few plumber tricks, and your Montreal plumbing company give you some tips to manage that. However remember that plumbing is a profession of experience and sanctioned by a recognized diploma.

How to unblock a sink:

To start, take a look at the p-trap linked to the sink. If you notice that it is overflowing, you will need to use our services and call us immediately for emergency service. However if it is not overflowing, it means the blockage is between the sink and the p-trap and that you can manage it yourself:
Start to try to loosen the blockage with a rubber plunger. Make sure the rubber plunger is properly adjusted around the plug hole and then move the handle with a straight up and down motion as vigorously as possible. If this solution does not work, let’s try another one.
Check the P-trap, you need to dismantle the pipe under the sink and check the blockage there. Make sure to place a suitable container under it to catch water or any waste that might fall and could spread on the floor. If the problem is not with the P-trap, there’s a last solution we can try.
Outside the wall there will be an external down pipe with an inspection opening. Remove it and evacuate the water from the sink. You can try to deliver the blockage to insert a garden hose first from the inspection opening end and then from the gully trap end, turning on the water at highest pressure, which should free it, if that does not work for you give us a call we will have to pass an Electric unblocking machine to free the drain.

You have a leak in a pipe:

If you have a small leak in one of your pipes, read the following tip provided by a plumber:

Before you start anything, clean the surface where the leak is located using abrasive, grab a piece of rubber and hold it with a pipe clamp, place the piece of rubber over the leak and tighten the pipe clamp over it. This will give you time to repair the leak or to call your local plumbing company: Beaver Plumbing and Heating for emergency services.

Install a new flexible shower head adaptor:
Beaver plumbing and heating offer you the four steps to install your new flexible shower head adaptor like a professional:
1. First, start to dismantle the existing shower head from the wall pipe.
2. Rub the threads on the shower pipe using a rag to get rid of grime and to dry off the pipe.
3. Wrap the pipe with plumber’s tape opening to the end of the threads, overlapping each layer slightly. Cut this tape and press to recover it firmly around the threats. This plumber’s tape will help you to prevent dripping.
4. Attach the coupler nut on the flexible arm of your shower head to the threaded pipe. Turn the coupler clockwise by hand to tighten it. When you feel resistance it means you’ve completed the connection.
5. Turn on the water of the shower head to make sure there are no leaks. Tighten the coupler nut again to verify whether there is any water seeping around the connection.

Congratulations, you have installed your flexible shower head adaptor thanks to Beaver Plumbing and Heating.

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