New developments with plumbing issues

It can be quite disconcerting for a new homeowner to be faced with plumbing issues. It is even more particularly the case when the houses are new developments, which are under 5 years old. It is important to remember that when facing plumbing issues, it is not only the age of the house, which must be taken into account but also the quality of the work and materials, which was put into it. In fact, many plumbing companies have used poor quality fixtures and materials to cut costs.


For those reasons, it is not to be unexpected to be called in to work in a new housing development. The fact that our winters are so diverse and harsh also creates many plumbing problems. If a house has plumbing with lower quality fixtures and materials, and is faced with powerful cold spells, this too can cause them to be less efficient. It will cause leaks and damage to the house and although, it may go unnoticed at first, the damage will be done.


It is imperative that plumbers use materials and products that they believe in. It is also important to remember that certain products may not be as reliable in certain temperatures. This last remark is for plumbers who have worked in other countries where the temperatures might be the complete opposite of the ones here. Products that are reliable in 10-degree weather might be less so at -20 degrees. As a plumber, one should have a preference of materials and though they can’t be forced onto a homeowner, they can be highly recommended. Many will choose the lesser expensive option, but with the right approach, both the customer and yourself will be satisfied. It is important to explain to the homeowner, why the cost is different and what this will guaranty. If you have a product that you stand by and do quality work, you can guaranty your service.


A new prospect for employment


Although most plumbers have a hectic schedule, employment should never be turned down, therefore for the entrepreneurs who want to get a little more of the pie, you can charge people to go visit houses with them. As an experienced plumber, you can easily identify potential points of weakness with the house’s plumbing system. You are also capable of explaining a favorable remedy. Even giving a crash course to homebuyers on what to inspect when looking at a house’s plumbing, can be an option.

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